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Sofia Becherucci pittrice fiorentina appassionata della tecnica dell'acquerello

Born in Florence, I graduated in architecture, and then worked for a few years in an architecture studio in my city.  

When I moved to Milan in 2003, I dedicated myself to my family while on the one hand I supported my husband as a freelance architect and on the other hand I started a journey in the world of art, between courses and a lot of applied work.

That's how I started courses  of Decoration at the Artistic Laboratory of Milan and created a series of objects in imitation marble, with imitation inlays, of the "Florentine salesman" type, named "Fintarsi".


In 2016 I attended some lessons with the painter Rosanna Avery in Levanto and a 5-day internship in France with Maestro Francois Beaumont.


From 2016 to 2019 I attended the annual watercolor courses with Maestro Angelo Gorlini in Milan.


I participated in various watercolor workshops with the Masters: Valerio Libralato, Pasqualino Fracasso, Konstantin Sterkov. Christian Flores Saavedra, Geremia Cerri, Massimiliano Iocco, Roberto Zangarelli, Cesc Farrè


In 2017 I became an ordinary member of the Italian Watercolor Painters Association and since then I have begun to exhibit in group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, also receiving some awards and acknowledgments of merit.


In 2021 I became a member of the Mondial Art Academia and a member of the Quia Magazine Cultural Association.

My exhibition in 2019 near Milan (2).jpg
1st prize in the art competition "Primavera in Galleria 2021"
Winner XIII ed. Literary, artistic and musical competition
"The Flight of Pegasus"
Foto Sofia Becherucci painting open air during a course in FranceJPG

My approach to watercolor began as a bit of a challenge: learning to draw and paint with a technique that does not allow for corrections.

Suddenly it was like opening a window and discovering a world of lights, colors and images that I had never really observed.

Painting means looking and this is what attracts me; it helps me to see the world around me and to fall in love with it more and more.




Urbino Festival in Watercolor 2017

Watercolor Festival in Lodi 2017

Collective exhibition at the Cristal Cafè in Milan

Participation in the National Painting Competition "Emilio Gola", XXXIV edition



Urbino Festival in Watercolor 2018

Watercolor Festival in Lodi 2018

Gaudenzio Sacchi 2018 Biennial of Painting, watercolor section, ranked third ex aequo

Collective exhibition at the Cristal Cafè in Milan.

Collective exhibition at the Borromeo Castle of Corneliano Bertario (Milan), "Mother Nature".

National watercolor painting competition, "Water becomes Art", by Alvese, Nogarole Vicentino,

Maccagno in Watercolor 2018

AIA participation in the "World Watercolor Day 2018"

Participation in the International Christmas Exhibition of the Esdè Gallery in Cagliari, from 15 to 24 December 2018



XIII Biennial Exhibition of watercolors in Mexico at the National Museum of Watercolors “Alfredo Guaiti Rojo” from 13 February 2019 to March 2019.

Exhibition "Angelo Gorlini and the artists of his school", in San Donato Milanese, from 9 March to 7 April 2019

Collective exhibition "As if there were the lake", Castello Borromeo di Corneliano Bertario, from March 31st to April 14th 2019

Urbino Watercolor Festival 1/6 May 2019

24th Salon de l'Aquarelle de Montgermont (France) 25 May - 1 June 2019

  "Watercolor Art Zurich” at Galerie Kunst Süd, Switzerland 2019 "  17-31th August 2019

III International Watercolor festival, Castra 2019 - 24 / 8-6 / 10/2019

International Landscape Painting Competition, Picturesque, 2019 edition - winner of the Appennino Prize

Participation in the National Painting Competition, "Emilio Gola", XXXV Edition   

Exhibition "Acquerello the school of Gorlini" - Sperlonga, Auditorium del Comune, 30 September - 5 October 2019

Collective exhibition "Three steps ... three beats" at the Borromeo Castle of Corneliano Bertario, 6-27 October 2019

National watercolor painting competition, “Water becomes Art”, by Alvese, Nogarole Vicentino, 2nd edition, participation in the collective exhibition in Alvese and Arzignano.

Participation in the Michelangelo Buonarroti International Award competition, 5th edition, Seravezza. Diploma of honor with mention of merit.

Participation in the IWS Malaysian online competition, landscape

Exhibition "Painting the water" - Civic Aquarium of Milan - 12 November - 8 December 2019

Participation in the AIA in the "World Watercolor Day 2019"




International Watercolor Exhibition Fremantle, Australia, March 13-April 13, 2020

AIA online exhibition: “Watercolor fantasy” 31 May - 18 October 2020

IV International Watercolor festival, Mini Castra 2020, Slovenia - 29 / 8-3 / 10/2020

IWS International Watercolor Competition "Step by step" 2020, awarded with a "special award"

Exhibition at Colorificio Pecchio Milan, June 2020, in support of the Civil Protection for Covid19

WATERCOLORium International Watercolor Contest and Watercolor ArtFair, June 23-30, 2020
Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists

2 classified in the portrait category;

2 classified in the thematic composition category:

3 classified in the landscape category

IWS Art Sante - Exposition Internationale d'Aquarelle -Albi, France. 20-23 / 10/2020

Monza in Acquerello - Monza International Contest -11/12/13 September 2020

Art in Our Heart - Lifebeyondtourism International Virtual Exhibition - September / December 2020 - Participation with 4 works

IWS online competion - Cangas de Onis - September 2020

Exhibition "Small portraits in watercolor", online on the website of the Italian Watercolor Painters Association, from 30 October 2020

2020 Malaysian online art competition - Landscape

International online competition - Portraits 2020 - Camelback gallery - finalist

Exhibition at Colorificio Pecchio Milan, November 2020, in support of the Civil Protection for Covid19

Virtual exhibition Grupo de Acuarelistas de Baleares (GAB) - ECWS

Step by Step, International Foundation Contemporary Watercolor Art, Christmas light project, finalist




Admission as ordinary member of the Mondial Art Academia, January 2021

IWET “Our wonderful world”, Exhibition tour 2020/2021, IWS Ukraine and Poland 

QUIA magazine - Virtual collective exhibition: “The year to come”, January 2021

Step by Step, third season 2021, finalist

QUIA magazine - Virtual collective exhibition: “Colors and confetti”, February 16, 2021, 2nd place

IL VOLO DI PEGASO Competition, XIII Edition: "The colors of life", 23 February 2021 - winner of the Helicon Award, Michael Rogatchi Foundation

World Watercolor Day 2020, online exhibition on the AIA website, February 27, 2021

Painting Competition, "Roots" in San Giuliano Milanese, February 18 - March 4 2021

World Watercolor Day 2020, February 27, 2021

QUIA magazine - Virtual collective exhibition: “Art for wildlife”, 3 March 2021

Camelback gallery, Faces 2021 Award Exhibition - winner of a Bronze Award

WIZART 2021 - Tirana International Watercolor Biennial, March 13-24, 2021

31st Salon de l'Aquarelle de Uckange, Uckange, France, April 3-18, 2021

IWS Slovenia, Castra 2021, 28 August-9 October 2021

Urbino in Watercolor - Raphael Festival - 3-6 September 2021

IWS Mini Watercolor Kyiv 2021 - Online international festival - 10-22 September 2021

Italian Association of Watercolor Painters: Watercolor Exhibition in Chiavari - Watercolor Inspiration - Palazzo Rocca - 11 Sept./17 Oct. 2021

FALL 2021 - Vietnam International Invitational Watercolor Exhibition - October-November 2021 - Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Association- APPRECIATION AWARD TOP 100

Michelangelo Buonarroti International Award VI edition - Serravezza (Lucca) - Diploma of merit with mention of commendation

Siapfest 2021 - Semerang International Aquerelle Painting Festival

Italian Association of Watercolor Painters - World Watercolor Day 2021 - 20-21 November 2021

Step by Step, third season 2021, finalist 

International Watercolors Masters  - World Contest - top 200 merit award

Exposition d'aquarelles, France -Pologne 2022 - top 50 recognition awards, animals & nature




4th Oltre Lingua Italian School for Foreigners watercolor competition, Padua, 10-22 January 2022 - 2nd Prize

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